Path to Calm offers yoga, conscious movement, rhythmic breathing and meditation instruction in a customized private setting.  

Why private yoga instruction?

In individual instruction students  explore yoga and mindfulness instruction tailored to their interests and very specifically geared to their own unique needs and purposes -  offering a path to sustainable change in the body, mind and life. This can be a powerful tool to help, launch, develop or expand your yoga practice, bringing it into your daily life, with each breath, each moment.


About the Instructor

Instructor Justine Andronici is a certified TriYoga®  instructor in  yogaflow® (movement), and Prana Vidya.  Prana Vidya practices include concentration practices (dharana), conscious rhythmic breathing sequences (pranayama) and meditation practices (dhyana).  



Justine has been practicing yoga for well over a decade. She first came to the practices from a place of deep discomfort and dis-ease caused by a busy and demanding professional life as an social justice attorney and activist working for many years on behalf of survivors of  trauma. Diagnosed with depression and autoimmune disease in her 30's, after subjecting her mind and body to years of extreme unrelenting stress, Justine sought yoga as a part of her overall healing journey.

With support from her yoga teachers and other wellness practitioners she met through the practices, Justine found her  path to wellness and joy.  Now, she is passionate about sharing these tools with others.  

What Type of Yoga Instruction is offered? 

Justine has explored and practiced many forms of yoga, and found her yoga home in TriYoga®.  

TriYoga, founded by Yogini Kali Ray, is a complete yoga method that includes conscious physical movement (yogaflow®) practice as well as rhythmic yoga breathing, concentration, (mudra) and meditation techniques (prana vidya).  

Practiced systematically, these components support student in the creation of a lifestyle of well-being. TriYoga movement practice includes smooth rhythmical breath, spinal waves, and is based on principals such as mediation in motion, relaxation-in-action  and economy of movement.   An "ancient yoga for modern times," TriYoga encompasses more than just physical movement, it offers practitioners many paths to improve overall well-being, including rhythmic breathing, concentration and meditation practices.  TriYoga's movement practices and the breathing, concentration and mediation practices, are all carefully systematized to allow students to grow at their own pace in the practices.

Justine's Teaching Philosophy

Every breath, every challenge we face in life  is an invitation to practice yoga.  

The yoga path is often winding.  I enjoy holding space for you along your path, hoping to serve as a steady, encouraging guide. I know first-hand that yoga offers each of us a path to greater wellness and deeper joy --  not just in the body and mind -- but also in how we navigate and contribute to a constantly changing world. 

My teaching emphasis is on the ways in which yoga practices can serve as practical tools for navigating daily life. Yoga offers us a map to a different way of being -- on and off the mat. Working with others to provide them tools to begin to listen deeply to what they need to bring  greater physical health, clarity, energy and calm into their own lives is an honor.

Do You Teach classes?

I enjoy tailoring instruction to students' unique needs as they design a yoga practice that serves their lives. I occasionally substitute or guest teach classes at local studios, but I  teach my regular students in private sessions or very small group settings because I particularly enjoy working individually with students who want support as they deepen their personal connection with and knowledge of yoga. 

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Student Reflections

~ What Students Say about Working with Justine ~

Yoga has added joy, vitality, purpose, and sincere understanding to my experience of life, and the meditation aspect of my work with Justine Andronici, my teacher and my Friend, has made Peace something personal, achievable, and something I can bring to my work and life in every moment. Grateful.

-- Susan Russell


Justine has taught me that I can always come back to my breath.  Saying that seems odd. That I could ever forget my breath. That my body won't breathe deeply without my focus.  But once I reconnect to my breath movement through Prana Vidya, my body receives what it needs to relax into myself; my focus grows, awareness expands and thoughts ease.

After practice I feel so strong and relaxed at the same time. Calm in the same chaotic world. I know to always return to it now. I feel like I drink in my breath, like a great thirst is quenched. The energy for my week! Rejuvenated. Justine leads me back each time I forget.

--- Laura Dininni

Do You Teach Workshops?

Yes! I am passionate about sharing knowledge about yoga as a powerful tool for health and for life and have found that workshops are wonderful opportunities to share this information. I offer workshops in community settings, yoga studios and workplaces on a range of topics.  

Some regularly offered workshops and teaching themes include:

Yoga at work: making the workday work for you

"Self-Care" is More than Just a Buzz-Word

Every body is a yoga body

Yoga for stressed out professionals: the true professional edge

Stretch the Breath First: The Yoga of Breathing

Yoga for Stress & Stress Related Illness

Bringing Yoga Home: Developing an achievable home practice

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