Yoga citta vrtti nirodha —

Yoga is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations, of the mind.
— Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 1.2

Yoga & You

First Session


Come for an introductory first session and leave with an understanding of how instruction in yoga movement, conscious breathing and meditation practices can work to bring more physical and mental ease into your daily life.  Approximately 108 minutes. 


Tune In

1 session


Already on your yoga path? Or need a bit of supportive instruction to inspire you to get back on your path?  Tune In with one or more sessions.  90 minutes. 

Step In

3 Sessions


Always wondered if a combination of yoga movement, conscious breathing and meditation could help you navigate life and feel better?  Three customized sessions designed specifically to meet your goals and needs, helping you develop knowledge and tools to bring yoga practice into your daily life. 


Intro to Prana Vidya 

3 sessions  


Where the breath goes, the mind and body follow.  Learn how to use  Prana Vidya, conscious breathing, concentration and meditation techniques to bring greater clarity, ease and joy into your daily life.



7 Sessions  


Ready to make a deeper commitment to yourself and your path to strength and calm? This series of 7 sessions is designed to help support you as you make a commitment to yourself and deepen your practice.

Breathing, Concentration & Meditation Intensive

10 sessions


A deeper journey into Triyoga Prana Vidya, a systematic approach to conscious breathing, concentration and meditation practices.  For daily practitioners looking to deepen their knowledge and practice. 

Why Personalized Yoga Instruction?

Path to Calm offers yoga movement, conscious breathing and meditation instruction in a customized private setting where students can explore instruction specific to their own unique needs and purposes.  

Some come to yoga seeking greater physical strength or flexibility in the body, others come seeking mental clarity, calm, others choose yoga for all of its benefits. Intentions often change throughout one's journey in yoga.  Personalized instruction allows you to shape a practice that meets your unique needs.

What Happens in a Session? 

In your first session, we will talk about your personal goals  for your wellness.  Are you looking for more physical strength or flexibility, more mental clarity or focus, relaxation or calm, more energy for daily life,a spirit focused practice, to develop a personal home practice, to deepen an already existing home practice, or a combination of all of the above? Based on your identified goals, you will receive instruction in practices selected specifically for your current focus and needs.


  • Sessions last approximately 75 minutes, except when otherwise noted.

  • Path to Calm is currently scheduling new in-person students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • Skype sessions for Prana Vidya (conscious breathing, concentration and meditation practices) are also available. Scheduled at your convenience. 

  • All in-person sessions take place at Path to Calm, conveniently located on Second Floor of SunPointe Health* Building in the family center.