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Yoga Fest State College ~ Breath, Prana & Place

Breath Prana & Place Workshop by Justine Andronici

Looking forward to joining the State College Yoga Community at this exciting celebration of yoga, music, food, and the beautiful humans living in Central PA. 

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Path to Calm's Justine Andronici will lead a prana vidya workshop - a combination of yoga practices including conscious rhythmic breathing (pranayama), as well as concentration and meditation techniques which increase the flow of prana (energy). When we practice in a natural setting charged with energy, we also increase our ability to deeply perceive and connect to our environment.  The practice will include an opportunity to explore the natural environment with new awareness. Take a journey into Breath, Prana & Place, and explore the sounds, colors and energy of the natural world at Millbrook Marsh. Beginners are welcome! Location: Millbrook Marsh, State College, PA Date: Oct  22.  Register Today.