Path to Calm offers yoga instruction including conscious movement, breathing and meditation instruction in a customized private setting for people who are looking to bring tools for transformation into their daily lives.

Why individualized instruction?

Every body and every mind is unique. Individual instruction allows students  to explore yoga and mindfulness tailored specifically to their unique needs and purposes, helping you find your own path at your own pace.

Yoga can be practiced in every breath, every moment.

The practices of yoga, when offered with expertise and when customized for each student, are easily accessible to all bodies and minds, regardless of mental or physical challenges. Instructor Justine Andronici offers yoga instruction using a client-centered and empowerment-based model, meeting each student exactly where they are in each moment. Justine has extensive experience working one on one with clients from all backgrounds and in all types of bodies and lives. She offers highly customized and trauma-informed instruction every step of the way for her clients, serving as a gentle and encouraging guide to students as they embark or move ahead on their own yoga journey.

Individual instruction in yoga provides a path to sustainable transformation in the body, mind and in the life. Yoga also provides a map and tools for healing how we relate to the world and to each other.

What Happens in a Session? 

In your first session, we will talk about your personal goals and hopes for your wellness.  Are you looking to explore the physical body, or invite more mental clarity, focus, relaxation or calm, to cultivate more energy for daily life, or explore a spirit-focused practice? Is your goal to to develop a personal home practice, to deepen an already existing home practice, or a combination of all of the above? 

You will then receive instruction in practices selected specifically for your current needs and identified goals. Practices offered during a 90 minute session may include: a carefully selected (just for you) yoga movement practice, conscious rhythmic breathing instruction and concentration practices appropriate for your needs, followed by a period of guided deep relaxation and meditation. Students always move at their own pace and are never asked to perform movements or do practices that do not work or feel comfortable in their bodies.

The practices offered are available and appropriate for all bodies. No experience is necessary. Path to Calm is rooted in a transformational vision of what yoga offers to help shape our personal and collective experiences. We welcome and encourage participation from students regardless of age, sex, gender identity, race, ethnicity, body type and physical ability.

About the Instructor

Instructor Justine Andronici works with people who are seeking yoga as a method of change in their lives - those who are seeking to transform their mind and their bodies and discover a path to a calmer, more spacious, healthier and more joy-filled life. She is a certified TriYoga®  instructor in  yogaflow® (movement), and Prana Vidya.  Prana Vidya practices include concentration practices (dharana), conscious rhythmic breathing sequences (pranayama) and meditation practices (dhyana).  


Justine has been on her yoga journey for over 15 years. She came to yoga out of necessity - to try to find some balance in a demanding and stressful life as a victim’s rights and social justice attorney and activist who worked heavily with survivors of community-based as well as individual trauma. 

Diagnosed with depression and autoimmune disease in her early 30's, after neglecting self-care and subjecting her mind and body to years of extreme unrelenting stress, Justine sought yoga as a part of her overall healing journey.

Justine found her path to wellness with the tools that yoga offers and as she naturally began sharing these tools with others she began to notice the power of these tools to benefit all who are facing the physical, mental, and emotional stresses of modern life.  While teaching yoga was the furthest thing from her mind when she began her yoga journey, Justine followed the natural flow of energy as it drew her toward sharing these tools more broadly. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2013. Her teaching has always been focused on helping others to transform their own day to day lives through yoga, one moment and one breath at a time.

What Type of Yoga Instruction is offered? 

Justine’s yoga journey has been a deep and a winding one. She tried many forms of practice, including Anusara Yoga and Iyengar Yoga, and also explored many types of mindfulness practice, from which she drew many beautiful benefits and much wisdom. Justine eventually found her yoga and meditation home in the tradition and practices of TriYoga®.

TriYoga, founded by Yogini Kali Ray, is a complete yoga method that includes conscious physical movement (yogaflow®) practice as well as rhythmic yoga breathing, concentration, and meditation techniques (prana vidya).  Often called “an ancient yoga for modern times” Triyoga offers practitioners a holistic approach to creating more balance and wellness in their lives.

TriYoga practices support students as they work in their own lives on the creation of a lifestyle that enhances and supports well-being. TriYoga movement practice includes smooth rhythmical breath, spinal waves, and is based on principals such as mediation in motion, relaxation-in-action  and economy of movement.  TriYoga's practices are all carefully systematized to allow students to expand their knowledge and come into deeper awareness of their mind, body and spirit at their own pace.

Justine's Teaching Philosophy

Every breath, every challenge we face in life  is an invitation to practice yoga.  

The yoga path is often winding.  I enjoy holding space for you along your path, hoping to serve as a steady, encouraging guide. I know first-hand that yoga offers each of us a path to greater wellness and deeper joy --  not just in the body and mind -- but also in how we navigate and contribute to a constantly changing world. 

My teaching emphasis is on the ways in which yoga practices can serve as practical real-life tools for navigating daily life. Yoga offers us a map to a different way of being -- on and off the mat. Working with others to provide them tools to begin to listen deeply to what they need to bring greater ease into their own lives is an honor.

Do You Teach classes?

I enjoy working individually with students so that I can support them as they design a yoga practice that serves their unique lives. I focus my work on private instruction because I particularly enjoy working individually with students who want support as they deepen their personal connection with and knowledge of yoga. I occasionally guest teach classes at local studios, but I  work with my regular students in private sessions or very small group settings at Path to Calm, a private studio space co-located with Sig. Wellness Studio, a holistic mind-body focused practice setting created by Dr. Candace Good in State College PA. Sig Wellness Studio houses Path to Calm and other independent wellness businesses focused on holistic mind-body approaches.

I also provide individual remote instruction (online via Skype or FaceTime or by phone) for students outside of the area who interested in focusing their study on meditation, breathing, concentration or deep relaxation practices. I also regularly offer group workshops on various themes. Follow @PathtoCalm on Facebook for regular announcements related to class and workshop offerings.

Want more information about scheduling or have questions about sessions? Check out the Choose Your Path tab and/or Contact me for more information.

Student Reflections

~ What Students Say about Working with Justine ~

Justine is an expert teacher. She is able to recognize exactly what I need to deeply connect with the breath and movement practices. Instruction with Justine has been extremely valuable. She continues to support me on my journey towards developing a daily practice.

--Laura, age 59, educator

Yoga has added joy, vitality, purpose, and sincere understanding to my experience of life, and the meditation aspect of my work with Justine Andronici, my teacher and my Friend, has made Peace something personal, achievable, and something I can bring to my work and life in every moment. Grateful.

-- Susan Russell


Practicing with Justine is a gift--the breathing practices have improved my sleep tremendously and she treats me with respect as a fellow professional.

--Candace Good, MD

Do You Teach Workshops?

I offer workshops in community settings, yoga studios and workplaces.  

Current offerings include

Stretch the Breath First: The Yoga of Breathing

Mindfulness : The True Professional Edge

Deep Relaxation Tools: Relax the Body, Calm the Mind

Simple Tools for Better Sleep

Yoga at Work: Making the Workday Work

"Self-Care" is More than Just a Buzz-Word

Every Body is a Yoga Body

Yoga for Stress & Stress Related Illness

Bringing Yoga Home: Developing an Achievable Home Practice

Want more info about bringing a customized workshop to your community, studio or workplace?  

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